Electroneum Is It On The Road To Mass Adoption....

Electroneum Is It On The Road To Mass Adoption....

Every one who's been talking about this coin for the past year has always complemented its name with mass adoption. If you bothered to do your home work like me as I do with all coins as I'm weirdly fascinated by all Crypto "PRODUCTS" probably obsessed to the point I can have a conversation with so called Crypto Geeks in it from day one, and completely lose them with what I want to talk about because they don't know half as much as they thought Dam I'm the Geek now. Feels good all the same educating the know it all's, experts on BTC and that's it they know price and daily volume think they know market cap but they don't. 
Sorry back to Electroneum and realise why this isn't just a buzz word with Electroneum it actually most definitely is the future for this. 

Unlike 98% of other shite coins out there that have practically no relevance in the world neither a product behind them it makes even the simplest brains ponder. 

Well to be honest I'm gobsmacked with this one keeping it simple here but the app for this coin has had Millions of downloads yes millions. One step to mass adoption there I would say ow you mine this coin with the app also cool wallet there also. The CEO Richard Ells who is seeming to be unfolding as some kind of marketing Genius.. 
Has only gone and got hundreds of shops in Turkey Sure India to be lots more places soon but with the API and instant payments this coin is being used like a coin for products and services Ide say this is another step to mass adoption. 

Ow I'm pretty sure getting various mobile carriers to agree to intertwine the coin and app with there services putting it in front of a modest 200 million potential ETN users as they will be offered the choice with bonuses to pay there bill with ETN. Defo mass adoption there. 200 MILLION potential lets say just 5% percent use it that's 10 million yea Mass Adoption wouldn't you agree. with the instant payments released few days ago first coin to do this I believe others claim but its an Idea still like most Crypto this is real. Price up 200% since instant payments, 24 hour volume gone from 200k to 11 million looking like MASS ADOPTION to me. 

Get this they haven't even started to advertise yet goes live in October. More MASS ADOPTION. To top this all off its on sale even with 200% and still rising price. Bitcoin was First but its going to get left behind and for all the die hards who say its king maybe but its old do you get an old Nokia 3210 and surf the net no you get the latest iPhone because the technology is new and usable in many different ways. Think about that!!!. 

See You Up There...…


Latest for Tpay is they have got there bank well 12% of one for now. There CEO Mr Cappo is always about doing videos interviews and always doing promo for his baby. To top the bank they have only gone and partnered with litecoin ow also Verge. Been a busy boy so he has and I can see it paying of for Derek pretty soon. The coins great wallets excellent and the speed well I've not had any other coin that can send and be received so quick.Hats of to the TokenPay team. Good Job...

In 2010 I was introduced to a group working on a startup called
TokenPay. Following a presentation by the company, I signed on as an investor. The mission was clear. TokenPay wanted to provide a secure and anonymous way for a consumer to pay a merchant by credit card. The technology was impressive and unique. Transactions occurred directly on the merchant’s website through a client-side API. The platform worked, but there was a key missing element. That is, the ability to obtain card processing proved to be an insurmountable hurdle for the team. Despite an active compliance program that included all the usual KYC and AML procedures, no bank would agree to process for TokenPay. Ultimately the business failed because of this.

But there was no shortage of demand with wannabe consumer and merchant clients clamoring for an account. The public was clearly beginning to embrace the idea of digital cash. It was however too early. Fast forward to 2013 and a new emerging payment technology called Bitcoin was in the news after spiking in value from virtual pennies to over $1000.

Despite my suggestion for a potential move to a blockchain payment platform, it was simply too late for TokenPay to pivot. The core team had already thrown in the towel having been handily defeated by the iron curtain of the banking industry. At this point I began to deeply study FinTech and this new form of money known as cryptocurrencies. I started compulsively writing for various financial media such as TheStreet and Seeking Alpha. It was at the latter site where I met a fellow writer and former hedge fund analyst named Derek Capo. Our relationship blossomed due to a mutual obsession over a Park City headphone company called Skullcandy. Eventually we became real life friends and business partners. We created a startup of our own called eFin.

This is a website where ordinary investors could receive hedge fund level research in an automated fashion. Around the same time, I stumbled upon an online stock trading community called investFeed. The nascent social media startup happened to be in the midst of its seed round. After speaking at length with the operators, I decided to make an investment.

Outside of the two founders, I remain the largest shareholder of this company. During this time, Derek and I managed to build an impressive financial research platform. Through this process we met Tony Weeresinghe. He is a former executive of the London Stock Exchange and the founder of Ustocktrade. Tony was impressed with the type of research that eFin was producing and he invited us to present at the MIT FinTech Conference early in 2016. While at the conference, eFin launched an official partnership with Ustocktrade. The AI driven stock scoring system we developed was fully integrated into the Ustocktrade platform. This was great and all for us and it sure seemed like eFin was off to the races. However, I noticed something very different.

The FinTech conference was being dominated not by stock discussion, but by blockchain. © 2017, TokenPay.com or its affiliates | TPAY is a utility coin used in the TokenPay platform. Purchase does not constitute invest

Early in 2017 after realizing the challenge that investFeed was facing in terms of traffic generation, I suggested to the founders that they should immediately focus on cryptocurrencies rather than stocks. While there were other investors that remained naturally apprehensive of the abrupt change in strategy, investFeed embraced the new concept. The blueprint was written and an ICO was quickly launched. investFeed sold approximately $4 million of an Ethereum based token in a matter of weeks. The investFeed platform is now flourishing. Traffic is surging and the future looks extremely bright. I could not be happier for the team and how my early seed investment has begun to sprout. With a roadmap that includes grandiose but realistic plans all the way out till the end of next year, I’m excited to see this all play out. The shift to cryptocurrencies was timely and no doubt the right move. We have not even seen the tip of the iceberg yet when it comes to blockchain technology, particularly when it comes to cryptocurrency applications.

And I know this, because at the same time Derek was working hard on something very special. I had to get in on it. After constantly hearing about countless hacks causing chaotic volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, Derek came up with a novel idea. He partnered with a group of obsessively privacy driven cryptographic coders on a top secret project.

Over the course of nearly a year of intense programming the blockchain team created a new secure coin technology that can only be described as Bitcoin on steroids. With encryption and anonymity dominating the headlines, this appeared to be a winning concept. But to be a game changer, it was clear that what is needed is more than just a coin.

Simply put, the missing link in all of these crypto platforms is the ability to turn digital assets into cold hard cash that can be realistically spent in whatever quantity without hassle. Through my international financial contacts I managed to locate the ideal bank for sale. We moved quickly to sign the necessary paperwork to begin the intense due diligence procedure.

Firm plans are in place for the buildout of a next generation blockchain banking and payments platform driven by an amazing team of top industry professionals and advisors. This has been a long road for everybody involved in the TokenPay project since inception. However, I finally feel that all the pieces are now firmly in place. As Freud so eloquently said, “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

Digital currencies are often called cryptocurrencies due to the intricate technical details related to cryptography, but it did not start here. When looking back at human history, from the cowry shells of the Asian region to the first coinage in ancient kingdoms, mankind first saw printed money in medieval times. This breakthrough was followed by modern-day electronic versions of money. Today, there is an international banking ecosystem, which consists of banknotes, credit/debit cards, derivatives, stocks, bonds and much more. It was a combination of human ingenuity and societal commitments that drove the need to come up with innovative solutions to tackle the most intricate concept of human interaction handling the exchange of value.

Cryptocurrencies represent the next level in the evolution of money. The technology behind this new form of money called blockchain. It is entirely driven by math and is completely decentralized. Most notably, unlike all previous forms of money, cryptocurrencies are not able to be manipulated. It is essentially money 2.0. Blockchain is experiencing a period of exponential growth and adoption, not unlike the collective transition towards internet use in the 90’s. Established in 2008, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain. In just a matter of years, it has become a legitimate and tradable commodity on a global scale.

It has massive liquidity with billions of dollars of Bitcoin traded and used daily. This exceeds the GDP of many sovereign nations. In fact, the market capitalization of Bitcoin now exceeds that of Goldman Sachs. There are 16 million Bitcoins in circulation among thousands of holders. Bitcoin is only one of the more than 1,700 cryptocurrencies available for people to buy, use and trade. These other coins are known as altcoins. Many are based on the Bitcoin platform, others on highly liquid Ethereum and Litecoin. The features of the coin vary widely from practical to practically useless depending on the underlying technology.

However, there exists a dramatic misalignment in the metamorphic shift to digital currencies. The major underlying problem is that traditional financial institutions and the related governing and operating regulations are not well aligned with cryptocurrencies. The concept behind public banks was designed and conceived hundreds of years ago.

This is the early stage of a transition towards the decentralization of the financial world. But there is resistance. The powerful and entrenched institutions are not keen to transact in cryptocurrency. And the influence of powerful special interest groups ensures that traditional banks do everything possible to reject this new form of capital. However, blockchain technology makes the adoption of cryptocurrencies possible. It is mathematically fluid and moves much faster than a central bank, a regulatory body or international fiscal treaties.

Currently, there exists an intermediate “limbo” state whereby many cryptocurrency holders are unable to benefit from the corresponding economic value. There must be a solution to this critical problem that is affecting a rapid increasing amount of people. © 2017, TokenPay.com or its affiliates | TPAY is a utility coin used in the TokenPay platform.

Electroneum has coined the phrase 'enablement currency!!!

Electroneum has coined the phrase 'enablement currency' as it is going to enable a new 3 trillion dollar market (Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts this market to be as large as USD 3 trillion in their 2017 Global Fintech Report) by allowing over 350m smartphone users in the developing world to enter the digital market for the first time.

With immediate benefits to the mobile operators in those regions, including meaningful transactional cost savings, there are operators who could take us to well over 100 million users and many more operators in negotiation.

Our unique mobile miner puts a small amount of ETN into the hands of users every day, providing market liquidity and driving viral growth. With 2,307,440 million registered users, we have a faster viral growth than both Facebook and Twitter over the same time period.

Our Android app is already fully operational in 20 languages.

Our instant cryptocurrency payment system is planned to go live for users and vendors by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

Electroneum (ETN)

0.015336 USD (29.20%)

The Road To Mass Adoption

It’s common for cryptocurrencies to talk about seeking mass adoption. It’s far less common for them to make tangible progress towards that goal.

Instant Cryptocurrency Payments

We have a global patent pending on a technology that allows instant cryptocurrency payments. Instant payments will initially be in ETN but our patent also covers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The ability to SPEND ETN instantly is only half the equation. We are developing an API that will allow easy integration to ACCEPT ETN instantly. This means it will be simple to allow an ecommerce system to give instant check out, and even allow easy integration into ePOS systems (electronic point of sales systems or tills).

USD 3 trillion opportunity

By giving access to the 'gig economy' for the first time to over 350 million unbanked smartphone users in the developing world we are giving them access to the vast resources of the Western economies. We are not providing banking facilities but making digital earnings accessible for these users as they embrace the digital payment sector.
At the same time, the Western economies gain access to a community of competitively priced, millennial entrepreneurs, who can grow and learn a new digital skillset, in the knowledge that they can sell their new skills via a global digital payment method.
Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts this market to be as large as USD 3 trillion in their 2017 Global Fintech Report
Exceptional Viral Growth
Our economic model enables us to inject small amounts of ETN into the hands of the smartphone user. This makes it easier for the user to try making real world digital payments, often for their first time.
Once users see how easy Electroneum is to use, they become part of the community and help drive us forward through recommendation.
We have already attracted 2,307,440 million registered users by viral growth even while our instant payment API system is still in BETA.

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Woodworking as a hobby is growing in popularity!!!

Woodworking can be a fun and satisfying hobby. In a world filled with mass-produced, poorly crafted pieces of furniture, it can be a thrill to produce a piece made with your own two hands.

Take a few pieces of wood, some tools, and your imagination, and you can make beautiful pieces of furniture.  The possibilities with carpentry are endless.  Even the most inexperienced person can learn woodworking and turn out gorgeous pieces that can become heirlooms.

Woodworking as a hobby is growing in popularity – especially among the female population.  More and more women are taking a new interest in jig saws and power drills as they turn out accessories and furniture for their homes.

It can truly become an art form.

So where and how does an aspiring woodworker begin?  Many people benefit greatly from taking a class at the local college or community center.  Others prefer to read a book or magazine.  Still others prefer to just jump right in.  There’s no one right way to start.  It depends on how much experience you have with using the tools essential to woodworking.

Woodworking is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on tools and supplies. Many projects can be done with a minimum investment and your imagination!

This is not a comprehensive, definitive guide, but a good way to get started crafting your own projects and learning the satisfaction of making your own furniture, toys, and much more!
As a beginning woodworker, you should choose an easy project.  Putting together an armoire might not be the best starting project.  Here are the plans for an easy rack.

Wood Profits Banner

Here you can get 5 simple and impressive woodworking projects in a free pdf file. All you need to begin your way to a fulfilling  hobby..

Turning Woodworking From Hobby to Business

Woodworking is an art/craft, depending on how you look at it, that can see you earn quite substantial amounts. There are people who love woodworking, but just do it as a hobby. The good news is that if you have interest in the subject than transforming it from a hobby to business is quite easy and this article is just going to show you how.

Have tools that you will use for your woodworking. The kind of tools that you will need for your projects will depend on the vastness of your business. If you want to start small, then having simple hand tools will prove to be adequate. You need to buy high quality tools like a hand drill, a timber saw, measurement tools and more. On the other hand, if you want to have large scale production then you will need heavy machinery like a power saw and more. Make sure that the space that you plan to use is adequate.

You need to have clearly marked out your niche. Woodworking is a broad subject that can see you produce anything from a simple birdhouse all the way to production of office and home furniture. You need to copyright your products to avoid cases where people can steal your ideas for their own benefit.

Make sure you advertise. Know that you are no longer doing your woodworking for the fun of it. There are many ways that you can advertise your products. You can use the internet. Using the internet will need you to put up a website. You can have a variety of sample pictures on the website. You also need to know all the ways of putting up a good website if you want to get enough traffic. You need to use the internet to not only advertise, but also to sell. With the website you will be able to tap into potential market that cuts across country boundaries. 

Still on the above, you can also make use of word of mouth. Inform your friends and neighbors of your business this is a very inexpensive way of getting your word out there. 

Use the internet to get new ideas for your woodworking. There are many plans that are available on the internet of which some are free. You need to use the plans that are available here to improve on your skills. You can always get to learn new ideas using the available plans. 


            Once you’ve completed one of these projects, your friends and family will be shocked and impressed with what you can achieve! You won’t believe the pride you feel as you point out to visitors to your home that you made a piece of furniture yourself.
However, these 5 projects are only beginner projects designed to get you started…
If you’d like to get access to an exclusive members area filled with over 16,000 unique step-by-step plans – ranging from beginner to expert difficulty – simply click the big button below now…

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FutureNet almost looks as same as Facebook!!!!!

FutureNet's advertising program, in which you can place advertisements of anything (your website, friends website, public website) and earn money in a meantime.

FutureNet almost looks as same as Facebook, so it will be very easy for everyone to work in FutureNet, specially those who are using Facebook. Like in Facebook, here also you can share, comment, like, chat etc. However, for doing so, you will earn money. In order to find out detail strategy to work in FutureNet and the multiple ways to earn money from it, as soon as you log in to the FutureNet, you can find the home section, on the left-hand side menu of that home page, you can find download, click on that and then you will be directed to another page where you have to click "Download FutureNet Marketing Plan" and then you can select the language you want to view that tutorial. They have described there in detail about the multiple ways to earn money from FutureNet.
FutureNet also provided six tier matrix program which allows you to earn commissions, bonuses and media points. Those media points can be use to order their services such as cloud storage, video production, blog or web templates, landing page system, etc. Media points will also help you to increase your limits on social network such as post limit which you can post per hour, messages to non-friends, and more.
Your referrals up to 5 levels, will be your friends within social network (FutureNet) which makes you more easy to connect and grow your business with them.
They have some of great features as well which makes them more unique than other Revenue Sharing sites and those are:-
  • ID Verification so that system will be more secure from cheaters.
  • More targeting advertisements for advertisers by setting gender, age, location, interests and more.
  • Holiday mode for up to 50 days.
  • Application for Android and IOS devices

In FutureAdPro you can invest in advertising packages, colloquially called Ad Packs.
There are two sizes of Ad Packs, small for $10 and big for $50.

One Ad Pack for $50 gives 800 displays of your advertisement.

+ If you will watch 10 advertisement every day, company will share with you their revenue and for next 120 days you will receive 1% of your Ad Pack value.
In practice, after 120 days from $50 you will have $60.

5% will be deposited on your advertising account, from which you can buy next advertisement displays for preferential price ($3 for 1000 advertisement displays) or upgrade your account status position.

When you will be withdrawing money, 5% of it will be deposited on your matrix account to buy new matrixes in FutureNet.

Due to that the reckon up is done every 30 minutes, right after collecting $50 you can transfer money to your bank account or buy new Ad Pack.
By buying Ad Packs from collected money, you will apply to life compound interest, which gives a nice boost in investing.

By using compound interest it is possible to double investment in few months.

As employees or clerks, most people exchange their time against money. Nothing bad so far – that means security and in the majority of countries a decent living standard. It is however important to understand that this system involves a certain level of dependence from others. You always work to achieve the goals of others and you will never be able to achieve real wealth. And the SECURITY of employees is nowadays not the same as it used to be in the past!
Have a look at statistics, how the income of employees has changed in the last 20 or 30 years. And how the income of entrepreneurs has risen in the same period of time.
In times of inflation, an employee is lucky if he gets the same amount of money all the time. Entrepreneurs have on average significantly higher incomes with a much bigger increase potential. Especially an own company in online business offers brilliant chances. EVERYBODY should start do develop an own business at the same time. And FutureNet is certainly the best partner! As a networker, you have the chance to multiply your own workforce. And precisely that is the perfect basis for the income of an entrepreneur, because your income potential is unlimited.
How does it exactly work with the multiplication? And what does it mean that you are supposed to concentrate 90% of your time on sales partners, but you biggest incomes are generated with customers? Let’s have a look at these issues:
Can you imagine that you will inspire just 2 people with the FutureNet Success System (and with the help of the
company, your upline and your sponsor) to join FutureNet as a sales partner? You should be able to imagine to sponsor at least 2 personal partners. If not, you have to bury your business plans in network marketing and with FutureNet on the spot.
However, I have never heard anyone saying he couldn’t imagine that. I am therefore sure that it will be fine for you as well. In the next step, you will support your two partners in doing the same. Not that complicated, is it? I am getting back to the FutureNet SUCCESS SYSTEM over and over again. Please remember that all of your partners can use it the same way already 3 minutes after their start!!


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