It cant just be me i know it cant but i am sick of these so called internet gurus saying they can do 20 k a month and you can to just give me money to find out i have made more than 20k a month several times but not on internet so I cant tell you how to but if i did make it on THE internet. I would let you know for free as i wouldn't need your cash .  That's just me though I'm not a millionaire guru or claim to be and if i did have millions in bank so what don't make me an expert no one is its all one big learning curve and the curve is constantly shifting by the day so what works today might not tomorrow that's what I know for sure its called life that's my view.


FUTURENET OMG this is going to be massive watch this space and remember where you herd it first move over FB there's another kid in town and he means business and thats exactly it in one word business .

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