Profits From Social Media Marketing!


Step-By-Step System To Generating Profits
From Social Media Marketing!

Why Social Media Marketing is Profitable

You can attain a very big quantity of people:
 YouTube: 1 Billion views in line with day
 Facebook: 4 hundred Million customers
 MySpace: 2 hundred Million customers
 Twitter: a hundred Million customers
 People purchase from other people, not agencies
 Businesses and corporations are spending greater
 Fast

The Desired Results

 Brand yourself and your commercial enterprise/products
 Large fan base of capability clients
 Building a exceptional email list
 Driving huge quantities of site visitors to your website

Potential Pitfalls

 Hard Selling
 Trying to sell too quickly
 Spamming
 Using automated software
The Training Course:
 Facebook
 Twitter
 YouTube
 MySpace
 Digg
 StumbleUpon
 Action Plan


 Almost 60% of Americans have a FB account
 One of the fastest and easiest ways to assemble a
fan-base of those who know, like and trust
 Create fan pages with unlimited fanatics
 Very viral
 Mass updates
 It’s personal

Profile/Fan Page Setup

 Detailed description on who you are, what
you need to provide, and how it may assist people
 Be non-public, trustworthy, thrilling and
 Put up hundreds of non-public pix and movies mixed
in with enterprise related
 Be actual and transparent, be honest
Getting Friends and Fans
 Join related FB groups
to your location of interest
- your interests/hobbies
products and corporations/organizations you
 Get involved in groups’ discussions, go away lots
of comments
 Add active users in your region of hobby with lots of

Get Involved

 Follow your newsfeed (test out distinctive ppl)
comment on repute’
- be interesting and opinionated/controversial
 Commenting and wall posting
- photos & videos (tag each person you can)
popularity updates
hyperlinks to exciting stuff you found
Attracts extra people
(Try 3-5x daily)
Building Your Fan Base
 Start off with your private profile and build
as a minimum 900-one thousand pals
 Create a fan internet page
 Suggest your fan page in your pals
 Send your friends a message asking them to
advise your fan web page to their buddies

Building Your Brand On FB

 Use Facebook Ads to market it your fan internet page
in addition to your very own merchandise (or affiliate
 Use photos which may be thrilling and
interest getting
 Interlink one-of-a-kind social media/networking net sites
e.G. Twitter, MySpace, YouTube etc.
 Build relationships with pals/lovers before
selling – don’t sell too soon and don’t hard


 Millions of clients and views
 Quick and smooth content (140 characters)
 Everything’s updated and in real time
 Can link to exceptional sites on your tweets

Setting Up Your Twitter Profile

 Use your actual call if possible
e.G. now not web solutions guy411
 Have an exciting bio, be funny and
 Profile pic – smile and look pleasant and
 Follow actual people, no longer groups

What To Tweet About

 Ask questions and put up surveys
 Personal stuff (however make it interesting)
 Hot topics, the news
 Popular content – bring it to different peoples’
attention (e.G. Use Digg.Com)
 Retweet exciting stuff
 Post motivational quotes
 Stay away from politics & religion

Showing Your Personality

 Be opinionated, never actually neutral
 Develop your non-public style, way of writing etc
 Be extremely good and stand out, entice interested
and similar people
 Be beneficial and supply value
 Be desirable and fun
 Be a pacesetter on your location of interest – help followers
desires and offer beneficial advice

Your First Tweets

 Make five tweets before following anyone (so
you’re not totally boring)
 Give cost and show personality
 Be funny if you can, locate funny matters to post
 Post entertaining matters
 Stay far from politics and religion
 Try not to talk about selling or making money

Building Twitter Followers

 Search twitter (search.Twitter.Com), search by
your niche’s keywords for focused fans
 Follow others first and they’ll generally follow you
 Follow influential people on your niche
 Try to intention to observe 50-70 humans per day
 Follow for the duration of Twitter’s peak times:
(better attractiveness rate)

Effective Twitter Marketing

 Tweet pics (greater attention)
 Use symbols for your tweets
 Use numbers/lists/stats
 Point an arrow to your links ----- (stand out
from rest of tweets in your followers’ information feed)
 Compliment and touch upon peoples’ tweets ,
reply to their questions – display interest in others
 Ask questions and be arguable (very
 Tweet at height times: 1-3pm and 6-10pm
Encouraging ReTweets
 Retweeting is a viral way of gaining extra
 Shrink your URLs first to make it easier
 Reciprocity – retweet different peoples’ stuff and
they’ll regularly retweet yours
 If you have a surely famous tweet direct
message some popular fans to retweet it
for you (ensure it’s not selling, provide

Building Your Business With Twitter

 Send Twitter Traffic to:
- your website/blog
- your FB fan page
- your other social media pages (your MySpace
page, your YouTube channel)
-Articles and Press Releases
 Use your different social media pages to advertise
your Twitter and gain fans
 Advertise your Twitter to your email list (also put
in signatures)
 #1 Video Sharing site
 53% of web visitors comes from YouTube
 You can create your personal YouTube channel
 1 billion views in line with day
 Preferred manner to receive information – very popular e.G. Video sales letters

Creating Videos

 Create short movies 1-2 mins (short attention
spans) preserve under 10 mins
 Slideshow
 Screen-capture
 Animoto
 Resell Rights Videos

Video Content

 Be entertaining
 Be yourself, be real and show personality people will accept as true with you, relate to you and you’ll get a better response
 Start with the benefits
 Always have a name to action
Video Creation - Equipment
 Slideshow
- Microsoft PowerPoint/Publisher
- Screenflow (Mac)
 Screen Capture
- Cam Studio (unfastened)
- Camtasia $300 (30 day unfastened trial)
-Jing Project (unfastened however can’t be greater than 5mins)
 Flip Cam
 A top microphone

Your YouTube Channel

 Add your favorite movies, this way you don’t
must upload a whole lot plus they’ll seem like
your movies
 Make your channel appear active and famous
 Subscribe to other associated channels for your

Getting Viewers

 Provide price and entertainment
 Interact with You Tube users, go away comments
 Make movies on hot topics for your niche – use
Google Trends and Google Alerts
 Don’t be boring
 Automatically build a target market using
TubeToolbox.Com – sends out mass
subscriber and buddy requests
Getting Involved and Staying
 Video Reponses (to famous motion pictures)= more
 Rate movies – frequently ppl go back the favor
- the higher your ratings, the more exposure
 Join YouTube groups
 Commenting – despite the fact that one way links are ‘no
observe’, they growth ranking inside YouTube
 Send out buddy requests
 Be arguable and entertaining

A Few Tips n Tricks

 Video Responses to famous movies – you’ll be
right earlier than the comments (ppl will notice)
 Steal the titles and tags of popular motion pictures -so you will seem whilst they display up
 Turn your films into podcasts and publish to dozens of directories

Video Distribution

 TubeMogul (free)
 Traffic Geyser $100
- social bookmarks every video automatically
- turns videos into podcasts
- submits to 100+ sites
 Distribute inside your Social Networking Sites


 Social bookmarking site – free to signal up
 Content-sharing
 Has over 7 million users
 Great manner to promote your site through ‘digging’ it
 Bookmark your own websites, blogs, articles,
films etc. And Digg users can vote on them

Marketing On Digg

 Digg matters in your niche similar to your own
 Don’t only Digg your own stuff (you could be
marked as a spammer and get kicked out)
 Digg one of a kind things – videos, blogs, articles
 Digg 50% your personal stuff, 50% different peoples’
 Links are No-follow, however can still get very correct direct visitors


Social Networking tool that allows you to find
human beings with similar pursuits in your niche
 People can ‘stumble’ your content, write reviews,
send hyperlinks on your content material to buddies
 More reviews = more views = higher you will
seem in StumbleUpon = more visitors
 Build masses of high PR back-links
 Gain extra exposure on your content, your emblem,
your internet site and what you offer
 Great way to generate big quantities of centered

Marketing On StumbleUpon

 Put your very pleasant content material on StumbleUpon
 Give away something for free – something of
high price that ppl would typically need to pay
for e.G eBook, video, software, e-course
 Build a readership and a listing of ppl on your
niche. The greater targeted your niche, the
higher the conversion rates
 When developing posts, consist of a one-way link to
your site the usage of your keywords

Building a Fan Base on StumbleUpon

 Finding People:
- Use your contacts from your e mail account. Go to tab
that says ‘Find your buddies on StumbleUpon’
- Search by way of u . S . and city. Go to ‘Browse People’
- Search by using peoples’ classes and interests
 Create a blog the use of StumbleUpon – fill out your
profile and make a few posts before adding pals
 Stumblexchange.Com – do a overview for someone and
they’ll do a evaluation for you
 More stumbles = more site visitors

Action Plan

1. Create Accounts in any respect Social Media sites
2. Join relevant groups for your niche
3. Find/add pals
4. Participate and interact, be thrilling and controversial/opinionated
5. Be real, be yourselfa person human beings can relate to, someone they like
6. Build relationships first, then sell
7. Don’t tough sell, encompass calls to action
8. Share lots of excellent first-rate info, give things away for free
9. Build your brand and sell yourself and your products.

 Build recognition – be the obvious desire to your niche..
10. Build a fan base, create a readership = create centered visitors funnel on your 

site - Aim for both high-quality and quantity


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