Gold is the oldest material that has been used to exchange human values for millennia. The secret of its reliability is based on specific characteristics and its limited availability on the world market. This means that all the values created by humans around the world are reflected in the available global gold holdings, which has been confirmed time and again in times of crisis for millennia.

Why is gold valuable?

This simple question comes with a complex answer. There’s no single reason why gold has been seen as an exceptionally luxurious metal throughout all of human history. However, the high value of gold is generally accepted to be the result of a combination of factors.

Reasons why the price of gold is high include:

  • Scarcity: Gold is difficult to find and extract. In the late 1800s, any town with a single gold nugget was instantly transformed into a gold rush town. Today, only about 2,000 tons of gold are mined per year. To put that number into perspective, about 10,500 tons of steel are produced in the United States every hour.
  • Physical characteristics: Gold has some phenomenal physical characteristics – especially when used in electrical applications. It’s an excellent conductor, for example. Furthermore, no metal is more malleable and ductile than gold. That means that just a small bit of gold can be hammered into many smaller sheets. In fact, one ounce of gold can be stretched to form a wire that is 50 miles long. Gold plated copper wire sounds expensive but it only requires one ounce of gold to plate a 1,000 mile long thread of copper.
  • Aesthetic attributes: One of the simplest reasons why gold is valuable is that gold has a pleasant and fascinating appearance. Over time, rulers have loved displaying gold in throne rooms, tombs, and on top of Egyptian pyramids. Its unique colouring and luster have fascinated humans for millennia.
  • Wealth storage: The times when gold has increased in value are almost always coupled with extreme economic circumstances. These extreme circumstances cause people to lose faith in their country’s currency and buy a more concrete form of wealth: gold. Gold is seen to be a good wealth storage tool around the world.

What does the future hold for gold?

Just like any commodity, it’s impossible to accurately predict the price of gold. Many have tried and many have failed.
Every day, thousands of investors around the world study all of the metrics involved in the price of gold. Some of these experts will take all of this information and accurately predict the future price of gold, while other experts will see the same information and guess wrong.
If you want to get rich from gold, then you need to find experts you trust. Find an expert that has accurately predicted various gold value spikes over history. Find one who takes all of the information available and uses that information to make an informed decision.
Or try to research the information yourself and see if you can guess correctly. Ultimately, the price of gold has grown fairly steadily over the past few decades, and many experts predict that it will continue its gradual climb over the next few years.
Will gold hit over $2000 per ounce? Will gold ever fall below $1000 again? The history of gold is far from over and there is still a lot to be written about the human race’s most valuable commodity. 

How We See Ourselves

Karatbars offers the attractive and affordable option for consumers to purchase 999.9 pure gold bullion, as well as gold merchandising, collector’s items and gift cards.

We are proud of the independence that Karatbars offers consumers to own, manage and control their personal Karatbars purchases.

Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service for our clients, and to provide opportunities for all people across the globe to own gold at an affordable price.

Karatbars International Company Profile

Karatbars International was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion.

The headquarters and the logistics centre of Karatbars International is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. Headquarters also co-ordinates the opening of new countries throughout Europe.

Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the headquarters of Karatbars International, and shipped daily via FedEx.

Partner Shipment Companies:

Gold Production:
Nadir Gold (Turkey),

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