Friday, 21 September 2018

Woodworking as a hobby is growing in popularity!!!

Woodworking can be a fun and satisfying hobby. In a world filled with mass-produced, poorly crafted pieces of furniture, it can be a thrill to produce a piece made with your own two hands.

Take a few pieces of wood, some tools, and your imagination, and you can make beautiful pieces of furniture.  The possibilities with carpentry are endless.  Even the most inexperienced person can learn woodworking and turn out gorgeous pieces that can become heirlooms.

Woodworking as a hobby is growing in popularity – especially among the female population.  More and more women are taking a new interest in jig saws and power drills as they turn out accessories and furniture for their homes.

It can truly become an art form.

So where and how does an aspiring woodworker begin?  Many people benefit greatly from taking a class at the local college or community center.  Others prefer to read a book or magazine.  Still others prefer to just jump right in.  There’s no one right way to start.  It depends on how much experience you have with using the tools essential to woodworking.

Woodworking is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on tools and supplies. Many projects can be done with a minimum investment and your imagination!

This is not a comprehensive, definitive guide, but a good way to get started crafting your own projects and learning the satisfaction of making your own furniture, toys, and much more!
As a beginning woodworker, you should choose an easy project.  Putting together an armoire might not be the best starting project.  Here are the plans for an easy rack.

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Here you can get 5 simple and impressive woodworking projects in a free pdf file. All you need to begin your way to a fulfilling  hobby..

Turning Woodworking From Hobby to Business

Woodworking is an art/craft, depending on how you look at it, that can see you earn quite substantial amounts. There are people who love woodworking, but just do it as a hobby. The good news is that if you have interest in the subject than transforming it from a hobby to business is quite easy and this article is just going to show you how.

Have tools that you will use for your woodworking. The kind of tools that you will need for your projects will depend on the vastness of your business. If you want to start small, then having simple hand tools will prove to be adequate. You need to buy high quality tools like a hand drill, a timber saw, measurement tools and more. On the other hand, if you want to have large scale production then you will need heavy machinery like a power saw and more. Make sure that the space that you plan to use is adequate.

You need to have clearly marked out your niche. Woodworking is a broad subject that can see you produce anything from a simple birdhouse all the way to production of office and home furniture. You need to copyright your products to avoid cases where people can steal your ideas for their own benefit.

Make sure you advertise. Know that you are no longer doing your woodworking for the fun of it. There are many ways that you can advertise your products. You can use the internet. Using the internet will need you to put up a website. You can have a variety of sample pictures on the website. You also need to know all the ways of putting up a good website if you want to get enough traffic. You need to use the internet to not only advertise, but also to sell. With the website you will be able to tap into potential market that cuts across country boundaries. 

Still on the above, you can also make use of word of mouth. Inform your friends and neighbors of your business this is a very inexpensive way of getting your word out there. 

Use the internet to get new ideas for your woodworking. There are many plans that are available on the internet of which some are free. You need to use the plans that are available here to improve on your skills. You can always get to learn new ideas using the available plans. 


            Once you’ve completed one of these projects, your friends and family will be shocked and impressed with what you can achieve! You won’t believe the pride you feel as you point out to visitors to your home that you made a piece of furniture yourself.
However, these 5 projects are only beginner projects designed to get you started…
If you’d like to get access to an exclusive members area filled with over 16,000 unique step-by-step plans – ranging from beginner to expert difficulty – simply click the big button below now…

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Monday, 17 September 2018

FutureNet almost looks as same as Facebook!!!!!

FutureNet's advertising program, in which you can place advertisements of anything (your website, friends website, public website) and earn money in a meantime.

FutureNet almost looks as same as Facebook, so it will be very easy for everyone to work in FutureNet, specially those who are using Facebook. Like in Facebook, here also you can share, comment, like, chat etc. However, for doing so, you will earn money. In order to find out detail strategy to work in FutureNet and the multiple ways to earn money from it, as soon as you log in to the FutureNet, you can find the home section, on the left-hand side menu of that home page, you can find download, click on that and then you will be directed to another page where you have to click "Download FutureNet Marketing Plan" and then you can select the language you want to view that tutorial. They have described there in detail about the multiple ways to earn money from FutureNet.
FutureNet also provided six tier matrix program which allows you to earn commissions, bonuses and media points. Those media points can be use to order their services such as cloud storage, video production, blog or web templates, landing page system, etc. Media points will also help you to increase your limits on social network such as post limit which you can post per hour, messages to non-friends, and more.
Your referrals up to 5 levels, will be your friends within social network (FutureNet) which makes you more easy to connect and grow your business with them.
They have some of great features as well which makes them more unique than other Revenue Sharing sites and those are:-
  • ID Verification so that system will be more secure from cheaters.
  • More targeting advertisements for advertisers by setting gender, age, location, interests and more.
  • Holiday mode for up to 50 days.
  • Application for Android and IOS devices

In FutureAdPro you can invest in advertising packages, colloquially called Ad Packs.
There are two sizes of Ad Packs, small for $10 and big for $50.

One Ad Pack for $50 gives 800 displays of your advertisement.

+ If you will watch 10 advertisement every day, company will share with you their revenue and for next 120 days you will receive 1% of your Ad Pack value.
In practice, after 120 days from $50 you will have $60.

5% will be deposited on your advertising account, from which you can buy next advertisement displays for preferential price ($3 for 1000 advertisement displays) or upgrade your account status position.

When you will be withdrawing money, 5% of it will be deposited on your matrix account to buy new matrixes in FutureNet.

Due to that the reckon up is done every 30 minutes, right after collecting $50 you can transfer money to your bank account or buy new Ad Pack.
By buying Ad Packs from collected money, you will apply to life compound interest, which gives a nice boost in investing.

By using compound interest it is possible to double investment in few months.

As employees or clerks, most people exchange their time against money. Nothing bad so far – that means security and in the majority of countries a decent living standard. It is however important to understand that this system involves a certain level of dependence from others. You always work to achieve the goals of others and you will never be able to achieve real wealth. And the SECURITY of employees is nowadays not the same as it used to be in the past!
Have a look at statistics, how the income of employees has changed in the last 20 or 30 years. And how the income of entrepreneurs has risen in the same period of time.
In times of inflation, an employee is lucky if he gets the same amount of money all the time. Entrepreneurs have on average significantly higher incomes with a much bigger increase potential. Especially an own company in online business offers brilliant chances. EVERYBODY should start do develop an own business at the same time. And FutureNet is certainly the best partner! As a networker, you have the chance to multiply your own workforce. And precisely that is the perfect basis for the income of an entrepreneur, because your income potential is unlimited.
How does it exactly work with the multiplication? And what does it mean that you are supposed to concentrate 90% of your time on sales partners, but you biggest incomes are generated with customers? Let’s have a look at these issues:
Can you imagine that you will inspire just 2 people with the FutureNet Success System (and with the help of the
company, your upline and your sponsor) to join FutureNet as a sales partner? You should be able to imagine to sponsor at least 2 personal partners. If not, you have to bury your business plans in network marketing and with FutureNet on the spot.
However, I have never heard anyone saying he couldn’t imagine that. I am therefore sure that it will be fine for you as well. In the next step, you will support your two partners in doing the same. Not that complicated, is it? I am getting back to the FutureNet SUCCESS SYSTEM over and over again. Please remember that all of your partners can use it the same way already 3 minutes after their start!!
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Friday, 14 September 2018

The One Little-Known Trick To Feeling Fuller For Longer

Have you ever tried to eat healthy foods, only to feel hungry again soon after eating them?

It all comes down to your pesky hunger hormones.

But once you understand them, you can regulate how full you feel, which helps you to avoid snacking and ultimately lose weight without feeling like you’re starving yourself!

Understanding Hunger Hormones

Did you know that we have hunger hormones?

One is to increase our appetite and make us eat (you would have heard it grumbling in your belly), while another hormone primarily works to decrease our appetite. Would you like to be ‘ordering’ a few more of those? 

Our hunger hormones are Ghrelin and Leptin, and the majority of us would have never even heard of these little ‘critters’.

The following will give you a better understanding about your body’s hunger hormones and help you to better manage your weight.


Ghrelin is a hormone that increases your appetite. Ghrelin is released in the stomach and has the task of sending signals to your brain so that you can recognize you are hungry.

The body produces more ghrelin if a person is not eating enough. Therefore, skipping meals equals more ghrelin secretion.

However, ghrelin in normal circumstances is reduced if the individual is eating too much.

According to a study conducted in Germany, ghrelin may play a huge role in determining the length of time that “hunger” will be felt by a person. 

Normally, ghrelin levels dramatically increase when a person is hungry and eventually subside after having a meal.

Researchers also reveal that the role of ghrelin is not only limited to increasing appetite. The hormone ghrelin additionally has the complex task of regulating an individual’s body weight.


Leptin functions as the appetite suppressor (i.e. the opposite of Ghrelin). This hormone is also believed to play a major role in a person’s energy balance. Some experts believe that leptin can also be responsible for regulating ghrelin hormones.

It is leptin that sends signals to the brain to recognize that the body has enough immediate energy stores, or simply put, has eaten enough.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that people who are obese have often become resistant to the signals of leptin, despite the fact that they have high amounts of leptin in their body. Normally, the more fats you have stored, the higher your leptin levels should be.  However, some factors also need to be taken into consideration such as the last time you ingested food, as well as your sleeping patterns.

How Macronutrients Affect Our Hunger Hormones

A study led by David Cummings, M.D. from the University of Washington revealed how macronutrients influence the ups and downs of one’s appetite. During the said study, experts found that proteins have the highest influence with regard to suppressing a person’s appetite.

Fats were also found to only have neutral effects on an individual’s appetite.

Researchers discovered that although carbohydrates initially lower one’s appetite, they will later increase an individual’s appetite to levels higher than before the carbohydrates were introduced into the body.

So if you want to lose weight, a very good start is to eat more proteins and less carbs – especially sugar-rich, high-GI carbs!

Here are 3 steps to follow to regulate your hunger hormones and keep your cravings at bay…

Step #1 – Keep Your Ghrelin Gremlin Levels Happy

The best way to keep your hunger at bay without sabotaging your diet is to eat small, protein rich meals throughout the day. If you are having something every 2 to 3 hours, you won’t have a chance to become ravenous.

By keeping your body eating on a regular basis, the ghrelin levels will not take over and make you want to eat copious amounts of foods. Consuming some protein with every meal will enable you to stay fuller for longer and greatly assist with weight control.

Step #2 – Regulate Your Leptin Levels

Since hormones are part of our endocrine system, regulating your Leptin levels is an involved issue that will take more than strict willpower and calorie restriction. Here’s how to get your Leptin levels back into balance:

1.    Eliminate fructose, sugars, simple starches and refined foods from your diet.

2.    Optimize your sleep and go to bed by 10pm.

3.    Eat healthy fats and a large amount of protein for breakfast. A suggested option is to have scrambled egg cooked in olive oil.

4.    Get some vitamin D and fresh air by getting outdoors for a period during the day.

5.    Add Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet or take supplements. Excellent sources include chia seeds and fish.

6.    Cut down on your Omega-6 fatty acid consumption. This comes from conventional meats, vegetable oils and grains. Reducing these can also help reduce inflammatory responses in your body too.

7.    Eat meals more slowly. It takes the brain time to recognize and respond to the leptin signals. Gorging means you will consume a lot before feeling full, but will feel uncomfortably full afterwards.

Step #3 – Fight Hunger Hormones with Appetite Suppressing Foods

Now we know it is actually our hunger hormones that are responsible for our food cravings. However, hormones are the messengers of the body and all play different roles. There are some that influence how fast fat is stored in our body, what we want and others determine how we feel.

For example, the only way to satisfy the ghrelin hormone is to keep your stomach full of healthy foods, which in turn, suppresses your appetite.

Skipping meals is actually the worst thing you can do, as it can cause your cravings to become unbearable, which usually results in a bad-food binge. This is why crash diets and gimmicks often cause rebounding weight gain.

If a person makes the correct food choices, they can easily remain full and reduce their calorie intake by 500 calories a day. Over a year, this would equate to 50 lbs. of weight loss! 500 calories is equivalent to cutting out roughly one cheeseburger or 3 oz. of potato chips in one day.

Here are a few appetite suppressing foods to keep the grumblings away and fight your hunger pangs.


An apple a day truly can keep the doctor away. The pectin contained in the apple prevents blood sugar spikes which lead to increased fat storage. This soluble fiber helps people feel full while reducing the amount of calories and sugar that is absorbed into the bloodstream after eating. These are just a couple of reasons why apples can become a dieters’ best friend.

For those who wish to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, apples are also a wise choice. Consuming an apple will help you to avoid the common blood sugar crash that commonly leaves you craving more and more to eat. Amazingly, apple pectin can keep you satisfied for 1 to 2 hours!

Some people find the best results by consuming an apple prior to eating a meal or going out for supper, and others prefer to eat one soon after their meal. Either way, apple pectin will help you fill up longer and faster. It is an excellent snack choice between meals since it helps to keep your blood sugar balanced. You can also add apple pectin powder to your shakes, oatmeal and yogurt.


Wheat bran is an insoluble fiber that your body cannot digest. This actually means that it contains zero calories. It is great for making you feel full and then passing straight through you.

If you take 1 to 2 TBS of bran with a large glass of water, you will be able to stop the release of the ghrelin hormone for approximately an hour. The bran acts like a sponge in your stomach and absorbs water.

Although, make sure you drink plenty of water or you could easily become dehydrated.

If you have any sensitivity to wheat, you could use rice bran instead.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its weight loss benefits.

There is an exceptional phytonutrient called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG found in Green Tea. This substance increases another hormone which is responsible for creating the feeling of fullness, so your ghrelin is quietened.

If we feel full between meals it is a huge part of our weight loss efforts and fighting potential weight gain.

Another benefit is that EGCG activates thermogenesis, which stimulates your metabolism, so that your cells are burning fat and energy.

Additional Appetite Suppressing Foods

Other things you can incorporate into your diet to help keep you feeling fuller longer include almonds and pine nuts, avocado, oatmeal and green leafy vegetables.

Your Next Steps

Now you know how hunger hormones work, you can use them to your advantage to keep yourself fuller for longer, so you can avoid bad food binges and lose weight more easily.

However, this is only one of the several things you need to do to lose weight quickly. Without these other elements in place, you’ll usually struggle to make any noticeable progress.

If you’d like to speed up your weight loss by following a scientifically-proven method, simply click the big button below…

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The Prosperity Formula A Bright Future. An Honest Review.

This Is The Best Time In History To Turn Your Ideas, Hobbies & Passion Into A Profitable, Reliable, Stress-Free Digital Online Business... And I’ll Show You How!

IF You Would Like James To Personally Show You How To Create, Sell, and Market Your Own Brain-Dead Easy To Produce Digital Products That Literally Sell Themselves?

If your answer is “Yes!” then this is the most important AND profitable review you will read this year… 100% guaranteed!

The Prosperity Formula A Bright Future.

The Prosperity Formula a Digital Marketing course from James Francis. This is a step by step course that has all the information you will ever need to set up a profitable online business. Its a low entry fee for this course with upsales if you wish to expand to funnels and targeted advertising and to be fair it's priced very reasonably as it brings a vast amount of content and knowledge. With James walking you through difficult tasks and making sure you don't make the mistakes most marketers make. 

With years of testing and tweaking spending hundreds of thousands on advertising and conversions, it's safe to say he has got it all under control. A perfectionist it seems as to fault this system in any way you would have to be looking for that needle in the hay. Honest and ethical structured with such fine detail so that when followed correctly you will have success guaranteed failure is taken out of the equation.

So confident in this happening the CEO and Founder of DIGITAL PROSPERITY James Francis creator of this system will give you your money back that's all you are out of pocket not just what you paid every expense you occurred also and he will give you a year yes twelve months to get this together. So if you started today and had to leave it for six months the deals still on. 

As you progress through this system you are offered the chance to promote this as an Affiliate while you are creating and building your own business giving you cash flow as it converts like nothing else as you are instructed how to run your ads and they have this down to a fine science.

I'm not kidding when I say this obviously years of split testing and analyzing every detail so he can teach you what to do and just as importantly what not to. 

So basically the newbie or an average marketer can become an expert as simple as that. You realize that you can do it and the experts and gurus who drip feed you outdated and useless information that gets you nowhere only to drain your bank account in their favor and all along were wrong and you were not at fault for your lack of success.

As all, they cared about was what they got and when they got it they would leave you high and dry looking for the next sucker to fleece.

I could big this up show results and be super salty. But WHY it just works simple and easy and there is no need to blow smoke out my arse and shake this offer in your face telling you this is the best thing since sliced bread and lying basically saying you will be a millionaire with this and all the usual bull shit. 

You see it's like this when you see the long road behind you and how uncertain and vague all the pain and confusion it holds then looking forward to the road ahead as clear as can be with a bright future amongst other things, it's kind of a no-brainer. 

If you've spent fortunes on other courses and still have not got what you have been looking for the laptop lifestyle freedom from the day to day grind then stop it now here is your answer with no BS. Also if you are new and not doing anything stop save yourself a lot of heartache and pain and dive in you won't regret it.


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The Top 28 Profit-Boosting Tools

There’s one thing that all successful Internet Marketers have in common… They all use the best tools to make things easier for themselves! 
For example, have you ever wanted to build professional web pages without knowing a single line of HTML code?  
Or maybe edit an image professionally without knowing anything about Photoshop?  
Or even get notified as soon as somebody mentions your name online? 
These 28 tools will help you do all these things and more! 
Luckily, they don’t have to break the bank or overwhelm you with a huge learning curve. In fact, a lot of them are so simple to use that even a complete beginner could use them easily. 
Here they are… 
The Top 28 Profit-Boosting Tools   

1) Google (Free) 
Great for niche research, discovering where your audience hangs out and finding solutions to technical issues. 

2) Niche Research – Facebook Audience Insights (Free)  
You’ll need to create a Facebook Ads account to access it, but it gives you everything you could possibly want to know about your target audience, including their age, gender, location, liked pages, buying behavior and more. 

3) Keyword Research – Google Keyword Tool (Free) 
You’ll need to create a Google AdWords account to access it, but this handy tool shows you the most searched-for keywords in your niche. You can then use this data to create profitable SEO and PPC campaigns. 

4) Affiliate Networks (Free) 
A popular way to get started in the Internet Marketing industry is to promote other people’s products (as an “affiliate”), and get paid a share of every sale you make (a “commission”). 
There are tons of affiliate networks out there, but Clickbank, ClickSure, Commission Junction and MaxBounty are the best. 
MaxBounty has an approval process due to it being a CPA network, which allows you to get paid for promoting free offers. But you can imagine the benefits when done correctly. 
Clickbank – 
ClickSure – CJ Affiliate (Previously “Commission Junction”) –  
MaxBounty – 

5) Domain Name & Hosting – MidPhase (Paid) 
After having trouble with HostGator and GoDaddy’s hosting services, I found that MidPhase was the best option for new Internet Marketers. Their hosting is lightning fast, their prices are low and their customer support is awesome.  
Plus you get a free domain name with your hosting account using the above link, too. 

6) Website Building – WordPress (Free) 
No matter which industry you’re in, WordPress has become the standard for professional websites that want to get results.  
There are tons of plugins available which enhance its functionality, and it’s super easy to use. Just install it in a few clicks using MidPhase’s Apps Installer, and you’re ready to go. 

7) Sales Funnel Building – LeadPages / ClickFunnels / OptimizePress (Paid) 
Although WordPress is good for your main website, you’ll want to set up a squeeze page to build your email list, sales pages to sell your products and more. That’s where these sales funnel builders come in. 
Using any of these tools, you can simply drag and drop the elements you want onto the page, and change the look of them easily without knowing anything about programming or web design. 
Which one you choose really comes down to personal preference, but I personally prefer LeadPages due to their high-converting templates. 

8) FTP Software – FileZilla (Free) 
To get files from your computer to show up on your website, you need to transfer them to your hosting account via a process called “FTP” (short for “File Transfer Protocol”). 
With this free software, you can drag and drop your files into your hosting account in just a few clicks. 

9) Order Processing – SamCart / WooCommerce (Paid / Free) 
If you want to sell your own products online, you’ll need a way to process your customers’ orders. Instead of simply using PayPal, you can massively increase your sales by having an optimized order process. 
SamCart is the most beginner-friendly way to set this up, and will often make you more sales due to their high-converting, mobile-friendly order forms. They also have one-click upsells which will multiply your conversion rates. 
But if you’re on a tight budget, you can get WooCommerce set up on your WordPress website for free. Just keep in mind that it will require some customization and various plugins to get your order process to perform  how you’d like it to. 

10) Content Creation – Google Docs, Sheets, Forms & Slides (Free) 
If you don’t have Microsoft or Apple software available to you, you can use Google’s online product suite to create documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations for free. 
One of my favourite features in this product suite is being able to create surveys for your audience with Google Forms, as this means you don’t need to pay for more expensive solutions like SurveyMonkey or Wufoo. 

11) Image Editing – Canva / PicMonkey (Free) 
If you want to avoid the learning curve of using Photoshop, there are some great free online image editing tools created with beginners in mind. 
Canva is great for creating images from scratch (including images for social media and advertisements), whereas PicMonkey is perfect for making changes to existing images (such as cropping, resizing and rotating images, etc). 
12) Online Storage – Google Drive / Dropbox (Free) 
If you don’t always work from the same computer or you need other people to have access to the same files as you, it’s wise to store your files online (known as being “in the cloud”).  
I personally prefer Google Drive, as it is better-suited to teams and integrates nicely with the other Google products, such as Google Docs and similar. 
However Dropbox is a great alternative, too. 
Both of these services are great for backing up your files too, which is a lifesaver when disaster strikes. 

13) Email Service Provider / “Autoresponder” – AWeber (Paid) 
Once you persuade people to opt-in to your email list/newsletter, you need somewhere to store them and a way to communicate with them all at once, legally. That’s where an Email Service Provider or “autoresponder” comes in. 
There are a lot of good services out there, but AWeber has always been my recommended tool for beginners.  
It’s super easy to use, their deliverability is the best in the industry, and their customer support is amazing. In other words, you get way more than you pay for. You can also get a free trial using the link above to try it out for yourself. 

14) Organization – Trello (Free) 
One of the best ways to avoid information overwhelm is to know exactly what you need to do, instead of trying to remember everything yourself. That’s why Trello is the best tool for organization I’ve ever used. 
You can create columns called “To Do”, “Urgent To Do” and “Done”, then just drag and drop tasks from one column to the other. 
Best of all, because it’s all online, you can set your to-do list as your browser’s homepage to remind you to stop procrastinating, too. 
15) Screen Recording – Camtasia (Free Trial) 
If you’ve ever wondered how people create videos which show their computer screen and add a voiceover to it, this is the best tool to do it. 
Just hit the record button and edit it using their build-in editor, then export it as a video file. You’re done! 

16) Video Hosting – YouTube / Vimeo (Free / Paid) 
After you create a video, you need to upload it to a video hosting service so people can watch it online. 
If you want the video to be seen by as many people as possible, you should upload it to YouTube. 
But the downside of YouTube is that anyone can share the links to see the videos. So if you’re uploading videos which will be used in a paid product, you should use Vimeo (beginner-level features) or Wistia (intermediate and expertlevel features). 

17) Online Phone & Video Calling – Skype (Free) 
A great way to boost your profit in your online business is to coach people. If you want to do this one-on-one, you can do it for free using Skype. 
Or, even if you want to make new friends or business partners in your industry, Skype is the best way to connect over the phone, too. 
This tool has saved me thousands of dollars in international calling fees! 

18) Outsourcing – (Paid) 
If you have a small job that needs doing but can’t do it yourself, the first place you should look is Fiverr. They have people who will do pretty much anything for $5, including logo design, formatting, eBook cover graphics and more. 
Just do a quick search for what you need, sort the results by customer feedback and you’ll be shocked at what you can get for such a low price. 

19) Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (Free) 
A great way to increase your sales is to always be where your prospects are, and social media is one of the best ways to do just that.  
By showing people you’re an actual human being, you’ll gain their trust and increase your results across your entire website. 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are great for this, but I’d recommend focusing on just one or two which suit your business best to begin with. 

20) PPC Traffic Networks – Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads (Paid) 
If you don’t have the time to spend all day on social media and want to speed up your results in a scalable way, then you should use paid traffic.  
After all, if you’re spending $1 on traffic and getting $2+ back out again in sales, you can see how easy it is to grow your income. 
Facebook Ads is the best place to start for most businesses (which also includes Instagram Ads in the same network), followed by Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Twitter Ads. 
Just be sure to follow a proven system, otherwise it’s easy to lose your shirt if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

21) Analytics Tool – Google Analytics (Free) 
The Internet Marketers who track, measure and improve their results are those who get the best results. After all, it could be that one element of your website is sabotaging everything else – but how do you know if you don’t track your results? 
Simply use Google Analytics on every web page, and it will tell you everything you need to know about your visitors’ behavior on your website. 

22) Split Testing Tool – Visual Website Optimizer (Free Trial) 
Let’s say you have a new idea for your website, but you’re not sure if it’s going to actually increase or decrease your results.  
For example, a new headline on your squeeze page, a new button color, or similar.  
A split testing tool like Visual Website Optimizer will automatically split the traffic between the old and new versions and tell you which is working the best, with the exact statistics to prove it. 
Just one split test per week can rapidly increase your overall profit, so the extra results you unlock should more than pay for this tool after the free trial. 
23) Code Optimization – Google Tag Manager (Free) 
It can get pretty messy and confusing when you have multiple pieces of code on your website from several different tracking services.  
Google Tag Manager will condense all of your third-party code snippets into just one line of code, saving space and making things easier to manage. 
Best of all, if you need to update one of the pieces of code, just go into Google Tag Manager and change it there, then it’ll apply to all of your web pages automatically. Without this tool, you would have to make the change on every web page separately. It’s a huge time saver! 

24) Google Alerts (Free) 
Ever wished you could be notified whenever somebody mentions your name or company name online? This free tool will do just that. 
Just tell the tool what to look for, then it’ll update you when a new mention of that word or phrase happens on the web. 
As you can imagine, this is insanely helpful for reputation management, spying on your competitors and more. 

25) Diagram / Flowchart Software – (Free) 
Sales funnels often have many different parts to them, and can be tricky to keep up with – especially if you’re tracking conversion rates on every web page. That’s why is a lifesaver.  
You can map out your entire sales funnel page-by-page in a flowchart format, then add the conversion rate to each step in the process. It’s a great way to see your entire funnel on paper instead of trying to visualize everything in your head. 

26) Note Taking – EverNote (Free) 
Instead of filling your home with paper notes and never looking at them again, you can keep your notes organized and easily accessible in one user-friendly area. 
Imagine how much easier things will be for you if you store your notes taken from your purchased online courses here! 

27) Webinars – GoToWebinar (Paid) 
Webinars are a great way to sell medium to high-priced products and services, as the live environment keeps people engaged and helps them to feel more connected with you. 
After the free 30-day trial, the monthly price is fairly steep, but it will pay for itself and make a profit with just one mid-ticket sale per month (if you run your online business correctly) – so it’s definitely worth it. 

28) Tool Integrations – Zapier (Paid) 
The one issue with having a lot of different tools is making sure they can all “speak” to each other. That’s the issue that Zapier solves. 
It connects with all your favorite tools to pass data back and forth, allowing you to create an automated system that runs itself. 
For example, you can tag people who didn’t attend your webinar within your autoresponder, so your system can follow-up with them and persuade them to buy a different way. Or maybe add somebody to your email list when they submit a survey.  
The possibilities are endless. 

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