How Who What Is A Guru ?????

Seems these days if you can spell what you do that's enough . Guys who can talk and that's for sure they do that . But walk the actual walk 90% of them would be F@#ked . From my experience and yes I do have lots of different experience's and I'm no guru I still struggle to put my socks on, to top this off I have forgotten more than, half of the so called experts in the online/internet marketing game expert/chancers will ever know. I have to say I have came across a few guys that can carry the tag and be hounered and the authority as so it should be in any field learn your trade then master it . If you've not been in the trenches boy get in there and master your craft because all that, this is doing to the business is giving newbies wrong info and making there learning curve so much harder than it really needs to be..

Now lets say Vic Strison David Wood Legend Gurus no ??????s there , Now  the most recent but in no way new been around since internet was invented and he's still only twenty nine and who I've had the pleasure of coming across and I think that's a bit tame coming across . You cant miss this one when its new product time the guys a master promoter and seems to be there and here ow and there no I'm not drunk .

But you wonder when he pops up on your Facebook corner then gone weird, and very effective . Also what I can say the busiest with an ambition and work ethic a machine would struggle to keep up with . This would be Shaqi Housan a kid from London who came up through the trenches and earned his status as master authority figure in his field . His speciality what he is known for as the leading authority and expert is, Funnels and has built to date over 6  different Million dollar companies earning him self a stunning 25 Million and hundreds of millions to his teams yes teams .
There is a core following of this young guy as he has made his mission to create 100 Millionaire's before December 2021. A target I can see being hit as he seems to have a good number of six figure earners already so as a foundation to his cause its not a pipe dream and the fact he seems to genuinely want to give back a humble thing a lot of big earners are adapting these days.


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