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Over the past few years, link popularity has become a hot topic in the search engine promotion arenas. Virtually all of the top search engines now incorporate link popularity into their ranking algorithms.

What is the best way to increase my site's link popularity?
Reciprocal links, reciprocal links are link exchanges between Webmasters. These are by far the most productive types of links you can get. Not only will they increase your link popularity, but you will generally generate a good amount of traffic from them as well. 
What do I do with my promotion page?
Link it to your websites:
This will help search engines find your page, and provide an extra source of traffic to your other sites.

Submit your page to search engines:
Let the search engines know your page and sites exists, while generating another source of traffic to your sites.

Submit your page to directories and free for all links pages:
This will provide yet another source of traffic to your sites and increase the number of links to your promotion page and sites.

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Cryptoworld Network


Binary Pay

As your team grows, you can receive Binary commissions from not only those people you have personally referred who have purchased product/services, but from the product/services purchases of the people they have referred as well. A “Binary”, meaning two, is simply having two teams, a left team and a right team that grow from you and others who purchase product/services. Also, your two teams in your organization may help in creating additional commissionable volume selling product/services. You can be paid a percentage, ranging from 10% to 20% based on your lesser team (weak leg) commissionable volume. *Combined Binary Commissions and Matching Bonus pay are capped at 65% (refer to cap rules below).

Binary Pay Weak-Side Sliding Scale Group Volume Payouts 

0 to 10,000 10,000 to 20,000 20,000+ The below calculations are based on weak-side commission volume: This will be one time forever qualification and all volumes count ongoing accruing, monthlies, etc. 10% commissions 15% commissions 20% commissions @CryptoWorld Network  • 

Binary Commissions Qualifications (BQ) 

The total volume of retail product/services sold in these legs determines which side will earn commissions for you in a given payout and which side will be placed in your “carryover” account for future earnings. • Your binary pay is calculated from your weaker leg when combining current commission volume with previous carryover volume. NOTE: an IR MUST be MONTHLY QUALIFIED (MQ) or any carryover volume will be FLUSHED (Monthly). @CryptoWorld Network  

Binary Commission Example 

An IR with 1,000 GV on the weak leg and 2,500 GV on the strong leg, a $200 commission will be paid that time period. The strong leg volume will be “flushed” of 1,000 volume (equal to the weak leg payout), leaving 1,500 GV to be carried over or “carryover” for the strong leg’s GV the following time period.


Matching Bonuses

The Matching Bonus program rewards the IR’s commitment to refer others and help them succeed. You can receive a 10% Matching Bonus on your personally referred IR’s Binary commissions, as well as up to another 40% in Matching Bonuses on what their personally referred IR’s earn from their Binary commissions through another 4 Generations below you. These matching bonuses are paid each time period.

Matching Bonuses Example 

A personally sponsored IR on the 1st Generation under an IR earning a $200 Binary commission and 2nd Generation earning a $200 Binary commission and so on through 5 Generations would pay the sponsor an additional $100 in Matching Bonuses (which is 10% of the 1st Generation commission of $200 and 10% of the 2nd Generation commission and so on through 5 Generations). 


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